Alex Rea

Head of Global Payments


EEG has been a life-changing career move for me. I'm given the ability to make decisions and trusted in my abilities when it comes to Payments. We have a fantastic culture at EEG, considering we've grown from 18 people to 300 in 18 months, there has been a huge focus on collaboration and building positive relationships. This culture has bred an environment where people reach out and ask to help each other, which is very useful if you're tackling something completely new! We all share our experiences and help each other grow, which I think is the most important culture you can have at any company. I look forward to my team expanding and contributing to the growth of this amazing company!

Rita Peswani

BI Analyst


Working at EEG has allowed me to work with a group of talented and motivated individuals that come together as a great team. The global presence and the ability to have discussions with anyone in the organization provides a platform for growth and innovation. I am grateful to be a part of the EEG family and the journey of its success.

Victoria Hockley

Office Manager

London - UK

I am so excited about working at EEG. It genuinely feels like I play a part of the building of a great company. There are so many projects I am getting my teeth into. I am loving living in the moment, enjoying the process and looking forward to continuing to work with some amazing people that make my job worthwhile.

Jacob Pitcher

Technical Support Director


When I was a kid, it was pretty much a dream of mine to work in the video game industry.  It's so cool to be a part of a global company and do what I love to do - help people and play with cool technology!  Day-to-day it is always a surprise which country I'll be talking to someone from, and what kind of puzzles our team gets to solve!

Perttu Uusitalo

CS Agent


Working at EEG everyday truly is an adventure and an opportunity to grow and learn something new. Working side by side with talented individuals from all over the world is inspiring. I cannot wait to see what the future at EEG has to offer me!

Kaameel Chicktay

Social Media & Community Manager

South Africa

I have endless appreciation for the VIE team in EEG, its a supportive space that is open to innovation. If anyone had to ask me about EEG I would say it is a company filled with great potential for personal and professional growth!

Matthew Galea Debono

Legal Counsel


One comes for the Esports but stays for the experience. Life at EEG is one which is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Being part of an international, highly skilled and professional team helps to broaden one’s horizons as well as help one aspire to be better than they were the day before. It is truly amazing to be part of a growing company which develops in wild new directions every single month. I am truly grateful to be a part of this project and hope to be involved in it for many years to come.

Ingrida Karsabutaite

BI Analyst


Working at EEG gives me an opportunity and tools for professional and personal growth. Knowing that my knowledge and experience is valued, having supportive colleagues and also great company values makes me feel that I belong in this fast growing EEG family.